When Faulty Tires Cause an Auto Accident

When Faulty Tires Cause an Auto Accident

Poor tire maintenance can be a legitimate reason for a car accident. Unlike most other car accident causes, however, you can easily prevent accidents caused due to faulty tires. A tire could become faulty due to age or could have come out defective right out of the box. Unlike other parts of a car, an aging or faulty tire doesn’t show signs right away. You usually realize your tire had issues only after you meet with an accident, when you are forced to check if everything is right with your car’s tires.

Tire Failure is a Real Problem

Defective tires are becoming common, and the number of manufacturers recalling vehicles after having realized the cars were installed with faulty rubber is increasing. Almost anything could be wrong with a tire. For instance, the tire’s tread could be defective, which could have caused a blowout, and the subsequent rollover accident.

Tire defects could happen at the manufacturing, installation or consumer level. Some of the tire failure reasons consumers are not responsible for are:

Tread Belt Separations

A fairly common fault found in radial, steel-belted tires is tread belt separation. This happens when the outer steel belt edge has a fault and moves toward the tire’s center. In van-style vehicles such as SUVs, this could lead to rollover accidents.

When Faulty Tires Cause an Auto Accident

Installation Mistakes

An otherwise good tire may not be able to function right if it’s not installed properly. The errors that could happen at the time of installation are improper lubrication, over inflation, incorrect positioning, etc.

Belt Separation

The belt could separate when moisture seeps into the tire at the time of manufacturing. This is a critical manufacturing mistake that would come back to haunt you, the car driver, later.

Controlling a Vehicle Post a Tire Blowout

When a tire blows out, it’s recommended to squeeze the accelerator for a few seconds to mitigate braking. The gas pedal should later be released gradually so that the car can slow down and taken towards the side of the blown tire. This would let you keep control of the vehicle while getting out of traffic, helping you avoid a potential car accident.

Tire Failure Outcome

When a tire is flawed by design, has a manufacturing error, or has been subjected to improper installation, a tire blowout would often be the end result. In certain cases, the tire defect-induced accident could be a head-on crash, rear-end crash, and rollover accident. These accidents’ victims could suffer injuries relating to the spinal cord, bones, neck and head, brain, etc. The accident may even result to death. In case any such injuries happen or when faulty tires cause an auto accident, a lawyer can help sue for bad tires on a car and recover financial losses, and also compensation for the suffering and pain experienced.