Are Dog Bites More Common in Dog-Friendly Cities Like Austin?

Are Dog Bites More Common in Dog-Friendly Cities Like Austin?

The United States of America is a country that loves dogs, and this is becoming even more apparent with cities and businesses going “dog-friendly” lately. Many businesses are happily opening their doors to four-legged guests, and most of the time this works out all right.

Every once in a while it can be a problem, though. When a dog attacks a person while at a store, business, or public place, who is liable for the damages the victim incurs? Are dog bites more common in cities that welcome dogs in stores and other public places?

Dog Bites and Attacks are More Common

Yes, dog attacks are more common in cities that allow dogs to mingle with the humans. Some dogs love to be around people and with proper training can remain calm in public settings; however, some dogs don’t do so well in crowds. They can get anxious, stressed, fearful, and protective, and this can result in dog attacks.

What Does the Law Say in Texas Regarding Dog Attacks?

There is no specific statute in Texas solely pertaining to dog attacks; instead, attacks and bites fall under personal injury negligence laws. There are two ways to show that a dog’s owner is liable for your injuries if you’ve been hurt by a dog.

The first way is to prove that the owner knew, or should have known, that the dog was aggressive. Either it bit someone before, even if it didn’t do extensive damage, or the dog is a known aggressive breed.

The second way to prove that the owner is liable is to demonstrate that the owner didn’t exercise proper care in restraining their pet or in doing everything possible to prevent the accident.

Are Dog Bites More Common in Dog-Friendly Cities Like Austin?

Can a Store Be Liable for Your Dog Bite Damages?

It is possible to hold a store or business liable for damages, as well. In dog-friendly cities like Austin, it is going to fall to the business owners to pay attention to who they let into their establishments, and not let the place literally go to the dogs.

They need to be aware of a dog’s aggressive tendencies, especially for dogs they see regularly, and they need to enforce leash laws. If they don’t do this, the injured party could sue the business owner by showing that they should have done more to prevent these dog-related injuries.

Damages for Dog Bites and Dog-Related Injuries

Being bitten or otherwise injured by a dog can have enormous life consequences for you. Depending on how serious your injuries are you could be facing medical expenses that could set you back financially. You might need some time off work and then you’ll miss out on work wages, as well.

The following are some of the damages you can receive when you win a personal injury case:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Trauma from the dog attack
  • Mental health treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Loss of life enjoyment

Help With Your Dog Attack Case

Have you been bitten or attacked by a dog in public or at a place of business? You may be able to file an injury case against the dog’s owner or the business owner. When a dog attacks you and it was unprovoked, you deserve to receive payment for your damages. Your damages can add up quickly, so move fast to receive compensation.

A personal injury lawyer in Austin can help you file your claim against those responsible for your injuries. In some cases more than one party could be to blame. A lawyer will likely be your best chance at a successful claim resolution.